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Too many students in San Diego County building their future on a shaky foundation. Their success in school depends on skills and knowledge learned early in life, especially between prenatal (“P”) and third grade (“3″), yet the majority of our children are academically lagging by 3rd grade. The Education Synergy Alliance mobilizes all stakeholders in our region’s early education system – districts, teachers, early childhood care and preschool providers, community-based organizations, business leaders, government leaders, and funders – to achieve our shared P3SD mission:

Ensure that each and every child has high-quality learning opportunities from prenatal to third grade that close the achievement gap before it opens and lay a strong foundation for future learning.

P3SD was inspired by the robust research base that points to the economic and social benefits of investing early. Nobel Laureate economist Professor James Heckman did groundbreaking research in this area, showing that for every $1 invested in early education, $7 is returned to the economy. In fact, he documents that the earlier we invest in our developing human capital, the higher the return:

The Heckman Curve_v2


In early 2016, ESA and P3SD partnered with NP Strategies to conduct a comprehensive funding and landscape study aimed at discovering exactly how San Diego County is spending its early education funds. The findings stand in stark contrast to the Heckman curve and underscore the necessity for seismic change in San Diego’s early care and education landscape:

Attachment 2_Heckman & SD Curves


The Education Synergy Alliance and P3SD strongly believe that deepening the investment in early care and education and establishing a P-3 system across California will pay profound social and economic dividends. To that end, P3SD recently produced and delivered an advocacy letter to the members of the San Diego legislative delegation with the support of 52 signatories from around San Diego County:

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