The second annual P3SD Conference was held on July 29, 2016. Convened around a theme of equity and action in the P-3 space, the day boasted 195 attendees representing a broad cross-section of San Diego County’s early education stakeholders. Click here to see the full conference program.

Plenary Presentations

Breakout Workshops

Equity of Access: Current Investments in Our Youngest Children and Future Opportunities

Equity of Alignment & Quality: Optimum P-3 Experiences for Dual Language Learners

Equity in Practice: P-3 Partnerships and Strategies with Proven Potency for All Children

Equity of Workforce: Building the Pay, Professional Status, and Effectiveness of All P-3 Teachers and Providers


On July 31, 2015, the P3SD Conference brought together education stakeholders from around San Diego County for a day of exploration, inspiration and planning for the future of early education in our region. Below you can find resources and materials from the event. Click here to see the full conference program.

Building a Foundation for Success: Integrating Social Emotional Learning in P-3

Do P-3 There, Do P-3 Here: B3 Fresno and Local San Diego P-3 Case Studies

How to Know It When You See It: Defining Quality P-3

In it Together: The Power of Community and Family Engagement from Preschool to Elementary

Maximizing Outcomes & Minimizing Costs: Prevention and Early Intervention for San Diego’s Young Students with Special Needs

One-Third of Students, Birth to Third Grade: Supporting San Diego County’s Dual Language Learners to Thrive

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