Join the San Diego Education Synergy Alliance as an Education Champion to connect with a community that is passionate about reforming the education system in San Diego County and creating America’s finest workforce. The Education Synergy Alliance (ESA) will only invest in initiatives with a high likelihood of substantially impacting student outcomes and changing the way school districts do business. We are looking for a group of funders to make a pledge that will provide unrestricted funding to support the organization. We encourage education champions to make a three-year financial pledge at their giving level.


Platinum Education Champions: $50,000+

  • Irvine Foundation*
  • Lynn Family Fund*
  • Moxie Foundation*
  • Parker Foundation and Judy McDonald*
  • Sandra Timmons and Rick Sandstrom*
  • Ford Motor Company*

Gold Education Champions: $25,000-$49,999

  • Norm Hapke and Valerie Jacobs*
  • Alan and Louarn Sorkin*
  • United Way of San Diego*
  • The San Diego Foundation*
  • The Ackerman Foundation

Silver Education Champions: $10,000-$24,999

  • Duane Roth Legacy Foundation
  • Union Bank
  • Leslie Fausset*
  • Ken and Marjorie Blanchard
  • Marcia Hazan*
  • Rod & Diane Dammeyer
  • Wendy Gillespie
  • Weil Family Foundation

Bronze Education Champions: $5,000-$9,999

  • Marty Goodman*
  • The BetterWorld Trust
  • Brad Lupien & Jessica Pressman*
  • Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation*
  • Karen Sprigle

Education Champions: $2,000-$4,999

  • Ray Ellis
  • Mission Federal Credit Union
  • San Diego Grantmakers
  • Girard Foundation
  • Dede Alpert
  • Connie Matsui
  • Jerry Schneider
  • Pratt Memorial Fund
  • South Bay Community Services
  • arc
  • Carolyn Taylor
  • Mark Dillon
  • Nancy Cannon-O’Connell
  • ReadyNation
  • Rick & Joyce Ross
  • Todd Gutschow
  • Sheila Durkin
  • Alice & Doug Diamond
  • Andy & Margo Gordon
  • Krista Torquato
  • Phyllis Apelbaum
  • Ben Katz
  • Alex Meade

*multi-year donors